Bloggers Festival

Hey Guys,

So yesterday was Bloggers Festival hosted by the one and only Scarlett London at the  Conrad hotel in St James, London. Bloggers came from all over to experience this amazing event. The venue was filled with so many inspiring people and was a great platform to network and to find out whats popping on the blogging scene.

From cupcakes to goody bags galore, I definitely left feeling charged with positive vibes. 

Thanks to Scarlett London for hosting such an amazing event.




The Big Issue

Ladies, let’s talk about weight. You may say but what does Sylvia know about weight, she’s a size 10! Now let me correct you, before having children I was size 8 and weighed 124lbs. In 2010 I had my first son, shortly after in 2011 I had my second son, in 2012 I weighed 179lbs. I had gained 55lbs and was now a size 16, yikes!

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Learning to Shhhh

IMG_0490 copy

Photography by @EAJR92

In my short 29 years of life, I’ve had my fair share of life experiences. From the death of both parents, domestic abuse, divorce and being a single parent to my two beautiful boys, I’ve found that the skill of listening has really helped me to develop as an individual. 
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