The Big Issue

Ladies, let’s talk about weight. You may say but what does Sylvia know about weight, she’s a size 10! Now let me correct you, before having children I was size 8 and weighed 124lbs. In 2010 I had my first son, shortly after in 2011 I had my second son, in 2012 I weighed 179lbs. I had gained 55lbs and was now a size 16, yikes!


It felt like the pounds had just crept on overnight, it was as if I was putting on weight in my sleep. During this time life was tough, I was getting constant put downs, to be honest life was pretty grim, I felt ugly and my confidence level was zero!

It was Christmas 2012 and lots of changes were happening in my life at the time, so I decided that ONLY I can change the way I felt about myself, so I started analysing my eating habits. I quickly realised that I wasn’t necessarily eating because I was hungry but out of comfort. Right, lettuce and cucumber ONLY I thought, hahaha but that definitely wasn’t the right approach. I did a bit of research to find out what types of foods I should be avoiding, to be honest it wasn’t rocket science, just the usual limitation of fried and processed foods.

After a few months of adapting my eating habits, I started to see and feel a change in my body, I can’t say that it wasn’t easy and at times I really did want to give up, but what I can say is that hard work pays off. I finally got down to a size 10 and felt relatively happy. It wasn’t until 2014 that I started to think not just about the physical attributes of my body but also the internal and realised that just because I was slim didn’t mean that I was fit and healthy. I started working with an amazing Personal Trainer to improve my fitness and I can honestly say that I won’t look back. Don’t let keeping fit and healthy be a chore, make it your lifestyle.

Eat clean, train hard, be encouraged.


S x

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